Why Variable Message Signs Are Better Than Traditional Signage

Ever since the digital revolution, consumer behaviour has changed and so hav

e the things that capture their attention. Most consumers nowadays view print advertisements as a thing of the past. Not only do they look old fashioned, but advertising through such mediums can cause your brand to develop a similar image. Whether you are a business looking to advertise your brand, or an NGO looking to promote a public message, choosing the right advertising medium could be crucial to the success of your campaign. Many brands are shifting towards digital mediums of advertising. Led signs based in Melbourne and variable message signs are becoming more popular as research has indicated that they are more effective than traditional advertisements. Even billboards that were regarded as the most effective advertisement medium, have become digital. However, digital billboards are usually costly and most businesses will opt for variable message signs.  

Variable message signs have several benefits that traditional advertisements do not have. Not only are they more effective in delivering a message across to the consumer, they are also less costly and are perfectly suited for all types of businesses. VMS signs are meant to attract customers while they are driving and should be short and effective to capture the customer’s attention. Research has shown that variable message signs are more effective than other mediums as they have a ‘sticky’ effect that makes customers act. Colour variations play a major role in creating a strong brand image, and most variable message signs have bright colours to produce a strong effect. Businesses often use them to advertise sales as they cause customers to take action. While major brands invest millions to create advertisements that make customers take action, your business could produce the same effect in a fraction of 

the cost.  

However, variable message signs have more uses than showing advertisements. Government and traffic control authorities usually use them to communicate a public message like convincing motorists to reduce speed or not to drink and drive. Unlike traditional solar billboard hire in Melbourne, they do not require much maintenance and the message can be changed with ease. This actually makes variable message signs less costly than other mediums. If you are going to use a variable message sign to create an advertisement, you should keep in mind that you’ll only have 1-3 seconds to convince a customer. The message has to be both short and clear. However, if you look at it from another perspective, then you are actually communicating a message to thousands of potential customers every day, which could greatly increase the success of your campaign. Designing the right advertising campaign could make all the difference, so you should keep in mind both cost and ROI when choosing an advertising medium.